Hire us

Can we sync?

We're fast, not reckless.

With a decade of experience, we can understand your requirements with less explaining on your part, and get right to work.


For $75/hr (USD) you get both of us working at full speed.

We accept payment by card, Wise, Revolut or wire transfer into either US or EU accounts. We don't accept PayPal.

What can we do?

We engineer, architect and design apps from back to front. You can forget about the need to hire multiple teams.

If you already have the backend, or design mockups, we can follow the rules.

We can handle anything, from simple apps that are only a front for some data, to complex apps working with device sensors, graphics, servers and databases.

Interested in technical details?

We use SwiftUI for building the app interface and Swift (plus C or Obj-C where needed) for the app logic.

If a server or API is required, we work in Python for most workloads. We choose Go or Rust for compute intensive tasks.

For static web pages we use plain HTML, CSS and vanilla JS to avoid complexity and technical debt.