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Control your home lights from the comfort of your keyboard

Volum automatically assigns the following hotkeys:
  • F10 Toggle
  • F11 Decrease brightness
  • F12 Increase brightness
Holding ⌥ option while using the hotkeys allows you to adjust all devices at the same time.

Light, sounds, heat

Volum can control any device as long as it has network controls.
Once the devices are set up, any part of your home can be controlled with a single slider and a few buttons.

Powerful templating engine

With support for HomeAssistant, ESPHome, WLED, Snapcast and many more to come, our templating engine enables everyone to contribute to the Volum community of tinkerers.

Integrated network scanner

Adding a new device is a breeze, as Volum can automatically detect your devices on the network.
Just press the Scan Local Network button and let Volum find devices that support the currently used template.
macOS Templates screen of the Volum app

Yamaha AVR native support

yamaha av receiver

Native volume control for AVRs

Volum adds native support for controlling the following functions of your Yamaha AVR:
  • Adjust volume
  • Turn on/off
  • Switch audio source
  • Control any zone
  • Mute/unmute

Automatic input switching

You can bind a receiver to a Mac audio output so that when you select that output, the receiver automatically powers on, unmutes and switches to the correct input and zone.

Control AVs from any device

Volum is a native app for both iOS and macOS
and will synchronize between all your Apple devices.
screenshot of the app interface on iphone


screenshot of the app interface on ipad


screenshot of the app interface opened from the menu bar



Is Volum completely free?

At the moment, Volum is completely free for all supported Apple devices.

We are considering adding paid features in the future.

The current set of features will always stay free, we'll never remove current features and place them under a subscription.

If the app proves useful for enough people, the plan is to add one-time in-app purchases for new features that require a lot of effort and maintenance.

We don't like subscriptions either :)